Doctor Physio With Limited Edition Suitcase

£119 £499

The Doctor Physio is a new form of self-massage treatment using the concepts of percussion therapy, in our case, a massage gun. The use of Doctor Physio is great for treating soft tissue pain. It works by providing rapid percussion taps that increases the flow of blood to the treatment site. The increase in the blood reduces the waste products in the treatment site causing pain and therefore relieving pain and increasing range of motion and boosting performance and recovery.

 Doctor Physio is a top of the range premium handheld percussive therapy device designed to provide a rapid burst of pressure, which sends pulses deep into the tissues of the body which in turn enhances the flow of blood to allow for faster recovery in the relief of pain, at the same time improving function and range of motion.

 Expertly crafted, Doctor Physio is one of the few products to be released aimed not just at the Sports Athletes, Martial Artists & Fitness enthusiasts, but also those that suffer from muscle aches, muscle soreness, or muscle tension.

Features and Specifications:

  • ✓ 30-gear speed regulation
  • ✓ LED display
  • ✓ Ergonomic grip to minimise the external force
  • ✓ Brushless motor technology - to provide a more stable and comfortable experience
  • ✓ Hammering style vibration principle - allows stronger and more powerful muscle massage
  • ✓ Independent power management system - intelligent charging and discharging for a prolonged battery life
  • ✓ High-frequency vibration - dissipates fatigue, allows deep massage, relaxation of muscles, alleviates pain
  • ✓ Customised ergonomic massage heads - to provide a comfortable and effective massage experience
  • ✓ 6 types of massage heads - each head allows you to focus on a different part of your body, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency


    5 SPEED

    240+ MINUTE